Lucid Interval is an inter-dimensional conduit, bridging the boundless realms of imagination with the tangible world. Through ripples in spacetime, it pulsates as a visual symphony—emanating images, videos, and immersive experiences that dance across physical and ethereal tapestries. Lucid transmissions envelop animation, motion graphics, music videos, projection mapping, and installations in its cosmic embrace, Lucid Interval entwines itself with fellow artists and conductors of sound, crafting otherworldly collaborations.

Anchored in the kaleidoscopic nexus of Los Angeles, Lucid Interval is the brainchild and cosmic vessel helmed by Derek Holguin. It is a beacon for those seeking to voyage through swirling galaxies of psychedelia, futurism, and the mystery of the unknown.

For celestial collaborations or to commission a voyage into the artistic cosmos, please reach out via stardust transmission.