Film from the i8i INFINITE SCROLL Exhibit


'Infinite Scroll' is a journey that explores the origin of i8i and ÆOS covenant.

Æ is the archetypal corporate demiurge and architect of ÆOS, the Artificial Emotional Operating System. In order to maintain their hold of the universal hegemony, Æ manipulates, inverts, and reanimates information and artifacts to wage a war of proxy violence through misinformation, division, and deception.

i8i is an international multidisciplinary art collective that specializes in performance and sculptural installation.

Formed over Instagram during COVID -19, i8i’s event at Trauma Bar und Kino, INFINITE SCROLL, represents their European debut as a group. The show ran from September 17 to October 17, 2021

Animation by Derek Holguin of Lucid Interval. This film features DÆ MON, JÆ CE, FITNESSS, with additional 3d art by VVXXIII. Writing and music by 011668, featuring a conversation between i8i and the spirit of AI

Additional Photos by Julien Tell

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